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Shatranj AgriConsult is an agricultural consulting company that strives to provide knowledge and cost-effective solutions to all our partners in the agricultural community.

We aim to provide quick, accurate and realistic solutions in the ever changing scenario of practical farming in Africa.

The quick mire that we know as Modern Farming, place emphasis on doing the right things faster than ever before under ever more challenging circumstances.

The Financial climate that we live in, denies us the opportunity to make expensive decisions without understanding the role playing factors.

Agriculture remains the one sector in the economy of the world with the most and biggest long term potential for viability and survival for its practitioners.

Despite natural pressures like climate change, normal and abnormal droughts, floods etc. and artificial pressures like fluctuating economies, trade relations and bans for example, agriculture MUST remain a growing and irreplaceable resource.

The world with its growing population pressure will need food, now and in future.

Let Shatranj AgriConsult help you to utilize agriculture, while we all do what we love in the first place, and that is farming!

consulting services include the following:

  • We can physically take samples and have them analysed
  • Fertilizer recommendations based on specific crops and seed company‚Äôs recommendations
  • Lime & gypsum recommendations
  • We make specific provision for the farmers long and medium term planning, as well as products already available on the farm.
  • Water analyses can be done
  • Recommendations based on the analyses and the crop
  • Irrigation options, design and scheduling
  • Runoff and waste water planning and treatment
  • Choice of crops to be planted
  • Croprotation and planning
  • Market analysis
  • Nutritional needs and more
  • Waste water planning and Management
  • Annual reports
  • Recommendations as to effective methods to be followed and implements to be used.
  • Long term planning such as contours etc.
  • We provide a holistic approach to any and all new farming projects
  • Area, outlay, installation, crops, irrigation etc. can be advised upon
  • Continual support throughout the project can be given